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From a young age, I found myself fascinated with computers, at the age of 10 I taught myself HTML and started building websites, soon I was coding with C++ and PHP but then, I stumbled upon my true love, music. While everyone around me thought that with my mathematical genius and computer skills I will end up becoming a software engineer, life had a different plan for me, once I picked up an electric guitar, there was no looking back. As a 12-year-old, I found myself writing my first song and wondering how to find chords to this melody in my head. This curiosity took me to the city of London where I enrolled onto a program at BIMM, London. While studying Popular Music Performance, I would find myself sitting in front of Logic for hours and hours, creating music. From there, I pursued a Master’s of Music in Composition at Kingston University, London. I incorporated my love for technology, music, culture and film into a project titled “Ethnomusicology in Film Scoring”


But that was not where my curious mind stopped, during my time in London I actively performed and practiced as an artist and building my brand was another challenge I had taken on. I soon started producing alternative pop music, from writing, recording, production, mixing to artwork I had it all under control until I realised, I need music videos. So, unlike anyone else, who would hire a videographer to help, I decided to invest in a camera instead. Turns out, my love for computers was helpful in film-making too, since I quickly picked up the art of editing. My videos were selected at various film festivals across the world and won some nominations and awards too. 


Being an academic, I landed myself at Newhouse School in Syracuse University, where I learnt more about audio engineering, film-making and entrepreneurship. After being a part of a team that travelled to South Africa to work on a Journalistic project, I stumbled upon my initiative “The Traveling Studio” which aims at giving voice to musicians from across the globe whose art goes undocumented. Today, I am based in Brooklyn, New York, where I combine my love for computers, music and all kinds of audio and video gear to create music and videos. I like to say I am music producer/mixing engineer to make it easy for someone who has just met me, but hey, there’s more to me than meets the eye =] 

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