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Hailing from the colourful city of New Delhi, India, Rivita is an Electro pop singer-songwriter, music producer, compose and film maker. Ever since childhood, Rivita has been fascinated by music. At the tender age of 5 she became a part of her school's choir and performed regularly various events and functions. As a teenager, Rivita picked up the guitar and there was no looking back. Her love for music brought her to the city of London where she was offered a place to study at the prestigious British and Irish Institute of Modern Music (previously known as Tech Music School, London). During her time at BIMM, Rivita found her love for composing and writing music and went onto pursue a Master’s degree in Composing for Film & Television at the reputable Kingston University of London.  

With the combination of Rivita’s creative persona and her academic background, Rivita developed her own unique sound. Being a multi-instrumentalist and a professional music producer she constantly explores the soundscape. Rivita’s music often showcases a clever use of vocal samples mixed in with a twist and turn of interesting effects. In the words of music reviewer Christopher Nosnibor Rivita’s music is intriguing, fresh and doesn’t sound like anything else around.

Being a true DIY artist, Rivita not only records and produces her own music but also designs, edits and executes her artwork, website and music videos. When she is not engrossed with her own project, Rivita also collaborates with various international artists. Her most recent collaboration includes one with popular Barbadian singer/songwriter Ayana John and her band Steady Rockin. Rivita is one of the lead music producers and mixing engineers on a number of their tracks. In 2017, Rivita was commission to master The Roots Project EP "Initiation", composer and produce music and sound for RKB Productions film "In No Time" and work on the "Syracuse to South Africa" project for which she travelled to Grahamstown, South Africa to work on an multimedia project as the lead on sound. I South Africa, Rivita not only ran audio on an extensive audio visual project but also collaborated with local singer-songwriter Nombasa and rapper/producer Asemahle. Her debut EP "Tribal Love" dropped on 19th January 2018 and is to be followed by a music video featuring 12 year old ballet dancer Madilyn Masello. Rivita also composes music for films and works as an educator. She loves to share her knowledge and expertise on music and runs a dedicated blog on music production and music industry related issues on her website.

Beware of Rivita's catchy hooks while listening to her music; they might get stuck in your head and stay there forever! Her songwriting skills have won her the semi-finalist position in the UK Songwriting Contest 2014 for her song Fly Away and a commendation for her song “Heartbeat” in 2015. Her recent released "Silent Nights" and "Listen" have been syndicated by radio stations, blogs and magazines all across the globe. Her latest music video "Listen" won the Indian Music Video Awards and has been nominated for the World Music and Independent Film Festival 2017 and has been officially selected by the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, Gardencity film festival and TMC London Film Festival. The video was also screened for the first time on 5th of April 2017 at Gardencity Film Festival, Bangaluru.

Rivita photographer by Ronojoy Sinha
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