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Love Again - Rivita x Asemahle (2018)

In December of 2017, Rivita was commissioned to work in Grahamstown, South Africa on a journalistic project as an Audio Engineer. During her stay in Grahamstown, Rivita collaborated with local musicians and soon realized, that these amazing musicians had no way of recording or documenting the music that they made. Determined to record the magic they had created, Rivita transformed the hotel conference room into a studio using her Sound Devices field recorded and recorded the song Love Again, which she co-wrote and co-produced with rapper/producer Asemahle. 

TL Artwork.jpg

Tribal Love (2018)

Tribal Love, Rivita's debut EP is an audio-visual musical experience. It all started with the conception of "While The Love is Gone" and the concept of the album transformed into a commentary on modern day dating habits. The title song "Tribal Love" is about not settling for less and for living to find that soul-shaking love in a world that can't stop swiping left and right! 

Rivita wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the EP, it was mastered at AIR studios in London by John Webber. Rivita then went onto work visualize what the music sounded like and came up with the "look" and collaborated with her mom on the photoshoot! Every song in the EP has a music video, for the music video of "Tribal Love" Rivita collaborated with 12-year-old Ballet dancer Maddy Masello, who transformed the music into a choreographic dream. The music video was promoted via a super successful "Thunderclap" Campaign with 100+ supporters and was recently the Semi-Finalist music video in LA Cine Fest.

Galaxy (2017)

"I speak the truth
And nothing but the truth
I vow to let you down every time
Because I can and you will let me
So let me go, into the wind
Let me be free, so free"

W.T.L.I.G. R.M.X. (2017)

The second that from Tribal Love E.P., W.T.L.I.G. R.M.X. is a psychedelic remix of "While The Love is Gone". The video portrays Rivita playing with lights, this was one of the more personal videos. She depicts how her mind lights up while she makes music and at the same time it is a commentary on being locked into a box and trying to find a way out. Well, having said all that, sometimes a girl just needs to play with fairy lights and then put visual effects all over it. 

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While The Love Is Gone (2017)

The track showcase’s Rivita’s signature Electro pop style with hints of Eastern sounds and vocal licks. It reflects upon the perspective of today’s love industry and highlights the casual yet presumptuous nature of it. The hook “While the love is gone, just find another, find another one” acknowledges the two edged sword of being in love in the 21st century. The music video captures the aesthetic of the song in a mysterious way showcasing clips of Rivita walking on the vast expanse of The Great Wall of China and beautiful scenery from various parts of China, India and England. The video features dancers from "Mahamaya Group of Fusion Dance" who grasped Rivita's vision and choreographed a creative interpretation of her song and translated it into dance moves. 

Listen - Artwork.jpg

Listen (2017)

Listen is an experimental fusion song, I truly believe that music can bring the world together specially as we go through turmoil. In the music video I brought together people from all over the world and collaborated with Mahamaya Group of Fusion Dance. The video went onto win the Indian Music Video Awards in 2017, won multiple nominations and was screened all over the world at various film festivals 

TL Artwork.jpg
Listen - Artwork.jpg
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