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The Importance of Networking and Reaching out

Networking. Boom! The one dreadful word most of us do not like to think about, but the one thing that we often miss out on is why we network. So let’s dive into it!

1. Give yourself a hi-5 for being brave: When you apply for gigs, jobs or reach out to people and share your work - whether it is a playlist curator or a blogger or applying for teaching job, the point shouldn’t be that if you don’t get in or if someone doesn’t respond to you, you assume that you suck - no, the point is that you got up and you had the courage to apply or send that email.

2. The more people you talk to, the more knowledge you gain: Seriously, even the worst connections will teach you something, sometimes you learn more in one meeting than you do on an entire year of university - so just go for it!

3. Practice makes us perfect: let’s say you are gunning for a job or trying to land the performance slot at a big music festival - if you don’t fill the application, you wouldn’t proceed to the next step. Filling the application will make you aware of what you need and require to actually get in - if they ask for a live performance video, you get to prepare one and the more applications you fill, the more prepared you will be for when the right opportunity arises.

4. New fans and friends: The more you reach out, the more ears listen to your music. Even if something doesn’t pan out, you might end up finding a new fan!

5. Don’t be afraid of heartbreak: Not everyone is going to be kind, and that’s okay - you don’t want to be in an incompatible situation anyway. Remember, nobody can break your heart without your permission!

With this, I hope you achieve all of the success in the world this year! Until next time,


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