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The making of my new track "Inanimate"

Today I am really happy to share my new track "Inanimate" that I released earlier this week.

Inspired by inanimate objects like my laptop, my camera, my guitar, the plugins that I use and all the tools that help me make the music I want to make, it is an instrumental track that I mainly composed using beautiful lush sounds from Spitfire Audio's sample library "Originals". I started my composition with playing around with the Originals Felt Piano, at some point I absolutely fell in love with the hammers of the Piano and their texture and decided to use those as the main percussive element on my new track. As I built the track, I added some high pitched drones with Spitfire's Originals Cinematic Frozen Strings, these elements added an airy texture to my track. As I built my track, I ended up reaching for the Spitfire's Darkstar - Haunted House library to add the low end and build up to my track.

Once I had the main skeleton of my track, it was time for me to add melodic elements and on this one, I added 3 - a piano melody, a vocal melody and a guitar melody. The Felt Piano samples were extremely versatile, so I could use them to build up the bones of my track as well as add a higher melody line. Now it was time for more or less of my "performance", I sang a few different vocal melodies until deciding on one, since the track doesn't have any lyrics and the vocals are more or less "oohs", the weight of the composition now fell on how I mixed the vocals in, I played around a lot with the reverb on this with my go to plugin Valhalla Vintage Verb, but it wasn't until I mixed in some different reverb plugins like Logic's inbuilt Silver Verb and Space designer that I reached my desired sound.

Then came the guitar, for this composition my guitar was the more emotional element for me as my intention these past few months has been to work on my relationship with playing guitar. I've had a strange relationship with the instrument, sometimes I love playing and other days I just don't want to play, and I wanted to explore my feelings towards my guitar on this particular piece. As I played and thought about the various stages of my life and how guitar has been a part of it, something unlocked inside of me. I thought about the different guitars I have and the days I held them for the first time, the different stages of learning, the different guitar teachers I had growing up and somehow, as I recalled memories something felt different.

Finally, for me "Inanimate" reminded me of all of my favorite things and how much they contribute to my life! A huge thank you to Spitfire Audio for their Originals library, listen to "Inanimate" here:

Happy Listening,


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