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5 Tips for Artists out there

Having had the opportunity to be an artist for a couple of years now, I have made quite a few "blunders" and watched others make them too. Here are five absolutely random tips an artist should think about

1. Give yourself deadlines: Honestly, it is too easy to get drifted away into details, I could spend another 10 years working on the last song I released. You just have to learn how to let go eventually, let go of your music and let it grow wings..

2. Don't always wear the same outfit: I have seen many artists wear the same clothes for each performance, video or session they do. Even if you have 7 pairs of the same pants, it doesn't really make a good impression. It's great that you have a style statement, now go experiment with it.

3. Don't post on people's Facebook timelines and don't tag them in your promo pics: People can get totally annoyed when subjected to this, they don't want your poster on their timeline. Everyone, now a days, is a bit possessive about their FB timeline, it is after all like their bedroom.. so do not enter without permission.

4. Smile: Gone are the golden days of Goth and Emo. Yes.. Only Beyonce and Rihanna have the right to explore their inner Goth. People appreciate a smile, it makes things pleasant ya know. Now, give us a smile, pretty please

5.Listen: I repeat this one, listen. Listen to new music, listen to old music, listen to yourself, listen to your heart, listen to what your well wishers and critics have to say, listen to the band playing behind you, listen to the track. Listen and learn but this step comes with an essential caution: do not keep listening to negativity, also listen to the positive stuff everyone has to say <3

Now go on make some music and do us proud!


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