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Five mixing tips every producer could use

There are some mixing techniques I use on most of my mixes. Having certain techniques in your vocabulary makes the work flow quick and easy. So here are 5 tips, I think every budding producer should have under their belt:

1. The bass and kick drum should be in groove: If you are mixing a full band, then make sure the bass is in sync with the kick drum. This makes the rhythm section sound tight, clean and groovy. An easy way of helping your mix would be to put side-chaining the bass with the kick drum.

2. Bounce every few hours and check your mix: Mixes often sound very different after being bounced. The best way to clear doubts is to bounce the mix, listen through it and make notes of whatever that needs to be changed

3. Fix the MIDI in your mix: There are certain sure shot ways of making your mixes sound more real. I always play around with the velocities and lengths of the MIDI instruments. Adding a modifier or an appreciator can help your MIDI parts and make them sound way cooler. Once you are done playing with the MIDI, bounce it and treat it like an audio file - not only will your DAW will use less space but also help you edit the file like an audio file. Don't forget to play around with delays and reverbs

4. Use fades: Fades are really helpful while mixing live instruments, specially vocals and backing vocals. These can help match the lengths of different parts without making it sound ultra artificial. 

5. Use your voice to add effects: You don't have to be the best singer in the world but using your voice to add certain effects can make the mix sound bigger and more real. Using different qualities of your voice like whispering and humming can add nice colours to the mix. 


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