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Who am I & how I started making films

Many people who know me, only know a part of who I am as a person. Some people think I am just a singer, some people think I am awesome, some people think I am a composer, some a film maker and some think I am nothing. I am hoping to write this blog to bring some clarity into me as a human being. Yes, I am a singer but that is not just what I do. I do many things, professionally and at an amateur level.

First off, I am a music composer - I write music, for pop songs and for films. I graduated with a Masters degree in Composition. I also produce music, which means I use technology to support my compositions and make them interesting, I also work as a mixing engineer - this means I make the instruments on a track sound record quality by enhancing their spacial position. Then I am a singer - songwriter, this is my solo project, I write songs about life and sing them. I also use my skills as a composer, producer and mixing engineer to enhance them.

I am also a film maker, this happened by coincidence or accident if you like. I could not find the right director or video maker to work with, I often felt that they either did not get my prospective and had their own story in mind or I was afraid that they might choose angles or edits that I did not approve of. See when it comes to creative projects, it is very hard to tell professionals that you do not like something they did, to them their work is beautiful. Being so skeptical about spending a lot of money on one music video and not liking it gave me the idea of buying a camera. A decent DSLR camera would only cost half of what a film director would ask for, I thought, I would not have to depend on another person and the best thing of all is that I can make more than just one video, I can make many videos!

Of course, at first, I did not think I could do it. No way, I have no knowledge of cameras or editing. However, I am a very visual person, I also know what I want. Exactly what I want. I also got Final Cut to help me edit it. When I started making my first music video, I was surprised how fun, quick and easy it was. Final cut was extremely easy for me to use because a lot of its function were similar to Logic X - the software I use to produce music. I am also one of those technology inclined people who never need a manual and can get the hang of a piece of technology with minutes of touching it. This is how I self taught myself HTML and web designing at the age of 10, but that is another story!

Being able to make a music video, gave me this strange sense of independence. Couple of years back I had done a course in Make-up artistry and freelanced as a make-up artist on music videos and photoshoots sometimes. Having the additional knowledge of makeup gave me an extra skill to make my videos look better. Most artists, when they are starting out can't afford a make-up artist after having paid for a video, I was not only saving money but gaining skills.

I know there are people out there who make much better videos than me and now I can thrive to get better at it too so I went onto make my next video - "Listen" which led to winning awards and getting nominated. Feeling this sense of creativity, I now go on and on making music and videos.


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